Greenlight reports hotel searches fell 11% in June

UK online searches for hotels fell sharply in June, but the proportion seeking rooms in long-haul destinations rose.

Web analyst Greenlight reported an 11% drop in searches for hotel-related keywords in June to about 10 million, compared with 11.2 million in May.

However, the number of hotel-related searches for long-haul destinations rose to 2.1 million of the total – more than one in five ¬ 11% up on March.

Greenlight did not report a long-haul comparison with May 2010 or with June 2009. May included the Whitsun and May Bank Holidays which may skew the search results for the month.

London was the most searched location in June, with ‘London hotels’ accounting for 10% of all hotel-related searches.

‘Las Vegas hotels’, ‘New York hotel’ and ‘Orlando hotels’ were the most popular long-haul terms – making up 18% of long-haul related searches.

The term ‘hotels’ accounted for 2.2 million, or 22%, of searches by UK consumers in the month.

Greenlight profiled 1,300 search terms used to find hotels in 356 destinations. The results appear in the company’s Hotel Sector Report June 2010.

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