Now ASDA move into online travel

Supermarket chain ASDA has pledged to beat travel companies at their own game by offering a “simple” approach to online travel retailing.

The company has launched a white label site through and Chelsea Village Travel offering flights, hotels and package holidays.

The move supports recent predictions from Expedia that many non-travel firms will increasingly target the travel sector. Tesco has already hinted they too will move into travel.

ASDA head of online marketing Gordon Hewlett said it will initially be a “me too” site but stressed it will bring a “point of difference” over time.

“My experience of travel sites is that they are great if you know what you are looking for but if you don’t, they’re not particularly good at informing users about the choice.

“We intend to do that. We also want to improve the way holidays are bundled together. Already it allows people to bundle low cost carriers and hotels and we intend to add cruises in the new year.

“The aim is to make the process as simple as possible.”

Hewlett said margins “can be significant” on high value bookings and said travel was an obvious sector to enter.

“It is a massive online market,” he said.

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