LeadCall boosts Cooptravel.co.uk conversion rate

Cooptravel.co.uk has seen a boost in online conversions on its website following a tie up with LeadCall to implement a system identifying abandoned bookings.

Prior to implementing the technology the company was only being notified when it lost a booking at the final stage.
The LeadCall system identifies all abandoned bookings and feeds the details through to the call centre in seconds. Agents then call the customer to find out how they can help with the booking

The company initially implemented LeadCall over a trial period but decided to implement it permanently after a significant boost to conversion rates. 
LeadCall generates at least 30% conversion rate from customer drop-offs and Cooptravel.co.uk only pays for the customers they speak to.
Annette Manning, sales and team development manager at Cooptravel.co.uk, said: “We are impressed with the system’s ease of operation and the visibility it offers by providing topline stats online whenever we need them. The results speak for themselves, the high conversion rate is excellent and the commercial model fits perfectly with our e-commerce operation.”
Call centre agents can use the technology to profile the customers before generating a call and identify the optimum customer. The system can also be switched on or off depending on staffing levels.
Agents are provided with information on the customer who has abandoned the booking such as their name and destination. 
LeadCall also provides management information including how many have abandoned a booking, how many leads were generated to call centre agents and how many bookings were converted.

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