Amadeus unveils calendar tool for online agents

Global technology and GDS company Amadeus has created what is understood to be the first ever calendar search product for online travel agents.

The system allows users to enter possible departure and arrival parameters for airfares and then view a cross-referring tool in a single page of a site to obtain prices for specific options.

The Master Pricer Calendar is based on similar systems used by airlines but for the first will be available for OTAs to use on their websites.

A similar tool has been developed for domestic airfares on the Orbitz website in the US, but the new tool will allow online agents to incorporate fares for any airline that uses the Amadeus GDS.

Amadeus currently houses 500 international and domestic airlines and 37 low-cost carriers within its system.

Vice president of marketing for Amadeus, Ian Wheeler, said: “Master Pricer Calendar has the ability to display travel options in a user-friendly, calendar format, which enables online travel buyers to make an informed purchase decision by balancing their travel flexibility with their budget.

“Empowering customers with greater choice leads to increased conversion rates and loyalty, vital elements for growth in online travel agencies.

It is believed the tool can be build customer loyalty as it re-produces airfare options in an easy to view form, all on a single page.

Airlines that have used similar systems have found yields increase on bookings as consumers have been less inclined to shop on price.

Wheeler added: “Being the first IT provider to launch such a solution demonstrates Amadeus’ continued commitment to innovation for our online travel agency customers and in turn travel buyers across the world.”

The benefit for OTAs is that giving users a full range of options in a concise format will also cut down on enquiries to call centres, Amadeus said.

Airlines using the Amadeus Flex Pricer Calendar include Air France, BMI, Finnair, Iberia and Qantas.

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