BA and Travelzoo most active in social media

BA and Travelzoo were travel’s most active users of Twitter and Facebook last month, according to new figures.

Search agency Greenlight followed the official pages of fifteen brands during June.  It found that British Airways had the most followers on Twitter at just under 18,000. It was also the most active, sending out 207 tweets.

The airline also had the highest number of Facebook fans with 7,291. However, it made no use of this, failing to update its Facebook status at all.

Travelzoo UK had slightly fewer fans at around 6,000 but in contrast updated its Facebook page 94 times, the highest number of the sample. Its Twitter account was also active, posting  94 tweets to its 2,780 followers.

Thomson sent out just under one tweet a day, with the other big user of Twitter, with  more than 100 updates.

Expedia however declined to send one single tweet during June to its 5000+ followers.

The findings are part of Greenlight’s look at the flights vertical. Click here to download the full report.

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