Egencia launches fare benchmarking and security tools

Expedia-owned Egencia has launched a new air fare benchmarking tool and traveller tracker to allow organisations’ to monitor and manage employees’ itineraries.

The Air Fare Benchmarking tool enables users to monitor fares on routes over the previous three months.

The Traveller Security platform has been developed with red24 to enable firms’ to meet their legal obligations in terms of their duty of care for employees travelling abroad.

Christophe Pingard, senior vice president, Egencia Europe and Asia-Pacific, said: “Businesses today are faced with the challenge of managing travel spend in a shifting landscape.

“The tools and technology we are releasing today is our answer to their request for more information and insight to actively monitor and control spend, and increase support traveller duty of care.”

As well as offering air fare data for the previous three months, the new benchmark tool displays graphs showing average ticket prices for the route over the previous year.

Benchmarking reports can provide an analysis of fare trends, comparing air tickets booked by the customer against air tickets booked by all Egencia customers.

The security platform comes with a risk matrix of countries around the world based on factors including terrorism, crime, political environment, and infrastructure.

It also gives travel or security managers the ability to monitor travellers globally via an online tool which includes current air and hotel information and offers email and SMS notifications of high risk bookings.

Simon Tam, senior vice president, Egencia Global, said: “We wanted to expand organisations’ ability to manage traveller safety and emergency response to cope with major events such as the Volcano ash cloud or any natural disaster.

“ In combination with our 24-7 premium corporate travel agents and our experienced account management team, our new Traveller Security platform increases our clients’ visibility and insight into their traveller’s movements around the world.”


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