STA Travel enlists Zeus to speed up site

STA Travel has recruited a specialist company to help provide a much faster and accessible website

The youth travel company is using software-based application traffic management company Zeus Technology.

Zeus Traffic Manager has been employed because access to the company’s website was slow. Also peaks in online traffic from promotional campaigns became difficult to manage. 

STA’s UK website receives around 5,000 page element hits per minute from the EMEA region alone.

Zeus features, including content caching, have negated the need for the company to purchase additional web servers, resulting in significant cost savings, according to STA.

Chief information officer Andy Mills said: “Ensuring our site can cope with peaks in traffic and deliver an excellent level of service is critical as customers won’t hesitate to go elsewhere if their needs can’t be met quickly.”

The solution provided has given control and visibility needed to significantly improve our website performance, he added.

“The detailed monitoring and reporting metrics has also given us powerful insight into traffic patterns and what users are doing when visiting the site,” said Mills. 

Zeus chief executive Paul Brennan said: “When it comes to providing a service online, it’s critical that organisations such as STA Travel, take every possible step to ensure customers don’t grow frustrated if a website slows or incurs downtime.”


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