Amadeus teams up with Airconomy on data solution

A new service to provide market demand data on air routes has been introduced by Amadeus.

The company has forged a partnership with aviation networks consultancy Airconomy to launch the new data solution.

Amadeus Total Demand by Airconomy aims to provide airlines, airports and travel agencies with a “comprehensive and accurate view” of market demand on any given route including distribution by low cost carriers and airlines’ direct sales.

Travel agents can gain insight into the market share evolution of any given route to better advise their customers of available options, according to Amadeus. 

The technology aims to enable airlines to calculate their true market share and assess the potential of new routes.

Airports can analyse the traffic they are missing and assess what could be captured if slots were allocated differently.

Amadeus airline and travel agency distribution director David Doctor said: “Total Demand will help our airline customers gain the information they need to make key decisions on such fundamental topics as fleet assignment and route planning with the utmost confidence.

“Furthermore, this new intelligence product is a perfect fit with Amadeus MIDT that currently provides accurate intelligence on all bookings made through travel agencies using the Amadeus system.”

Airconomy managing director Philipp Goedeking added: “Network strategy, competitiveness, profitability, growth perspective, or distribution focus all depend on reliable market data – for airlines, airports and travel agencies alike.

“Accuracy in estimating the total demand on a given route is critical, as even seemingly minor errors can make the difference between a profitable and a non-profitable business case for an airline. The exposure of assets is too high to afford inferior market data in today’s rollercoaster markets.”

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