Kayak adds new search tools to iPad app

Kayak.com has added new map-based flight search tool Explore to its iPad app.

Explore delivers fare prices that were found by KAYAK users in the previous 48 hours. Users can search flights by price range, and filter potential destinations by activities available and average daily temperature.

The company’s chief architect Bill O’Donnell said: “Our Explore feature is an innovative and fun new way to think about travel planning.

“KAYAK.com users who’ve tried Explore have responded very positively, but it’s even more compelling on the iPad’s touch screen.”

KAYAK Mobile is installd on more than two million devices across iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and iPad platforms.

The new version of KAYAK Mobile for the iPad also includes the ability to search for multi-city flights.

KAYAK Mobile for the iPad has 150,000 downloads since its debut in April.

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