Travel managers want all fees displayed with fares

Corporate travel buyers want airlines compelled to show ancillary fees when displaying fares, and not just on their own websites but on global distribution systems (GDSs).

A survey of travel managers by the US-based Business Travel Coalition (BTC) found 100% of respondents believe the ‘unbundling’ of ancillary fees for luggage and other elements of flying from airfares caused “serious problems”, and 86% believe government regulation is required to make carriers disclose their charges.

Ancillary fee data should be accessible through GDSs and not solely on airline websites, according to 95% of those surveyed.

No-frills carriers have led the way in charging separately for every aspect of flying, making it increasingly difficult to assess the final cost of a flight before the moment of booking.

The BTC was to present the survey results in evidence to a US Senate hearing on aviation today.

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