Barclays survey finds optimism among travel bosses

Travel companies are broadly optimistic about the future despite the low growth and below par consumer confidence predicted for the next year.

A Barclays Corporate Travel Forum Survey revealed executives believe Government cuts will have little impact on their businesses and predicted improved operating conditions for 2012 and 2013.

Almost two thirds of the survey of senor travel executives said consumer confidence would remain the same or decrease while 38% predicted some improvement.

In addition, less than half of respondents, 43%, believed business conditions for their companies would improve next year.

However, looking at growth within their own businesses, 35% have experienced an increase in sales of at least 10% this year, while 23% saw sales increases of more than 20%.

Increases in transaction value per passenger were less evident with only 14% of respondents seeing the value of sales per passenger increase by more than 10%, and only 4% experiencing sales per passenger increase by more than 20% in the year to date.

Looking ahead, 73% of respondents predicted conditions would improve for their business in 2012 while 85% predicted their business will be better off in 2013.



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