Kayak gears up for Europe launch with possible TV ads

US price comparison site Kayak.com could follow one of its UK counterparts and hit the marketing trail with a series of TV ads when it launches this autumn.

The company this week launched its first ever series of TV ads in the US, as part of a wider marketing push for the site.

Kayak.com is expected to make a concerted effort to push the brand onto European consumers when it officially enters the market in the autumn.

One of its rivals in the UK market, Travelsupermarket.com, launched its first and a long-running TV campaign in March this year.

Chief marketing officer Dean Harris said: “Kayak.com is gaining recognition from travel experts and early adopters as a top travel website and we thought it was time to use TV to introduce the site to mainstream consumers.

“In my experience, TV is still the most efficient way to launch a brand into a household name.”

Kayak said the ads produced for the US market could possibly be used in Europe, but details of a marketing strategy have yet to be decided.

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