PhoCusWright unveils key tools for Travel 2.0

Global research and analysis group PhoCusWright has highlighted tools within the Web 2.0 phenomenon that could have the biggest benefits to travel companies.

In a paper produced by analyst Bob Uffutt and director of information services, Cathy Schetzina, PhoCusWright said applications such as Really Simple Syndication (RSS), Advanced User Interfaces and contextual advertising would spearhead the industry’s switch to the “new dynamics of the online marketplace”.

Other tools included so-called Mash-ups, such as Google Maps and Earth, which can be streamed into existing travel sites, social networks and desktop alert functionality.

However the paper warned that while some of the new technologies would survive, due to their revenue-earning potential, others would fade away.

The paper continued: “Transparency, community, personalization, experience: the buzzwords associated with Travel 2.0 have been thrown around at industry events and have clearly already created a buzz at some travel companies.

“Others appear to be lagging behind. While the various Travel 2.0 technologies and trends stand to benefit startups and established travel players to varying degrees, the winners in both categories will be those nimble enough to adapt their business plans to the new dynamics of the online marketplace.”

Read the full paper

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