claims first user-generated review tool has launched what it claims is the first successful implementation of user generated reviews for a car hire services.

The reviews will be included in search results for products and a user-rating will also be displayed.

Each car hire company will be ranked depending on criteria such as the pick up process, service level and customers expectations.

The tool has been created as part of a wider strategy to embrace the “next stage of the internet evolution, Web 2.0”, the company said.

Director of communications, Frank Williams, said: “We are very proud to be the first car hire company to implement these features and we fully expect others to follow our lead.

“The benefits for the customer are plain to see, we also hope that the information collected will provide our suppliers with a valuable insight into how their products are perceived by customers.

“The information collected will also enable our suppliers to evolve their products and services to meet the ever changing expectation of our customers.”

The company is expected to roll out a number of other what it calls “innovations” later in the year.

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