Teletext Holidays launches website cruise channel

Teletext Holidays has launched a cruise channel on its website combining a search facility for its retail division and deals from its agent advertisers.

It will be the only channel that will combine its retail arm with its media busuiness. The search facility is powered by Click With Technology.

The cruise home page features a search function on the left hand side of the page at the top while the rest of the page is given over to a list of deals, MPUs, banner advertising and other options for agents to promote their deals.

Victoria Sanders, Teletext Holidays’ managing director, said its attempts to create a search function for its media business had proved too complex so it was decided to have its own search facility pushing enquiries to its in-house sales team.

She said: “We used to have a media search for cruise but it was not working for clients. We could not get the technology right and deals were not being given the exposure they needed due to the complex way clients were loading information.

“This allows us to work very closely with the cruise lines and with our media clients to give the display opportunities. We have the route to market for our retail operation and it also gives travel agents the chance to promote their best offers.

“As a media operation Teletext Holidays is all about deals. Seventy per cent of people who come to our site don’t know what they want so presenting them with offers and deals is often the best way.”

Sanders said Teletext’s best selling pages in digital TV are cruise pages because of the high call volumes they generate and the new cruise channel was an attempt to replicate that online.

Teletext currently works with around 30 agent partners on its media side.

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