Online brochure site increases partner tally

Viewable brochure site has signed three deals with leading technology providers in an attempt to drive down prices for page-turning tools.

The company said the deals with Intellimag, Cshop and Vcab would give tour operators the opportunity to upload their brochure products to five different systems, each of which have different levels of interaction.

It is expected that the investment in technology and marketing will push the site’s current traffic levels from around 500,000 visitors a year to 1.5 million within the next 12 months.

OTB managing director Paul Green said: “We now have a tiered pricing structure that means we can offer each individual tour operator a number of options and formulate a package that meets their strategic goals and vision.

“The new lead-in price of £2.50 will come as something of a shock to people who still view this highly advanced and aesthetically pleasing technology as very expensive.  Prices are being driven down and page-turning technology is now open to everyone.

“Add to this the new technology, which means we can display any digital brochure in any format, and we now have a site that can improve in scope and popularity at an unprecedented rate.”

The site will continue its policy of free access, allowing users to browse brochures by holiday category, destination or hotel.

Intellimag puts brochures online

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