Online Regional Travel Group completes first phase of hub sites

The Online Regional Travel Group has completed its tenth website to target local consumers with a dedicated portal for access to UK and overseas flights, hotels and holidays.

The company, which is part of Isle of Man-based Mann Link Travel, has created a series of websites based around regional hubs in the UK, including Luton, Belfast, Newcastle, Manchester and Liverpool.

The long term goal for the company is for ORTG to create a network of sites around the country that allow users to search and book flights, accommodation and holidays based on the facilities and options of the departure point.

Kelly, who won the first Travolution Sm@rt Agent award in February this year, said: “Our travel portals are used by locals and visitors to the region.

“It is much easier to search and book on a web site that carries local departures from the local airport; it is also very convenient for visitors travelling to the region to book their travel arrangements on a site that is dedicated to that region.”

ORTG has also snapped up domain names in order to launch similar operations around the world, including Miami, Muscat, Dubai, Mumbai, Delhi, Sydney and Shanghai.

The new sites will also allow overseas tourists book inbound low-cost carrier flights to the UK.

Mann Link Travel scoops first Travolution Sm@rt Agent award

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