‘Sabre Red’ tech offers agents more flexibility

Sabre Travel Network believes its new travel solution system will help travel agencies increase revenues, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Sabre Red was unveiled in Austria on Tuesday and features a range of new capabilities, such as shopping and booking travel, serving customers throughout their trip, and using business intelligence for insight and continuous improvement.

Using the Sabre Red Workspace, agents access a new graphically-rich environment and utilise a range of capabilities delivered as ‘Sabre Red Apps’.

President Greg Webb said: “To succeed in today’s highly competitive market where travel is more complex and travellers face more choices than ever, travel companies face the challenge of balancing resources to deliver great customer service with the need to meet profitability goals.

“Sabre Red helps agencies enjoy the best of both worlds, creating and maintaining high customer loyalty, while also growing revenue and keeping costs in check.”

Webb also said agencies would be able to respond nimbly to the emergence of airline ancillary fees and other merchandising initiatives, the growth in demand for mobile services, changes in preferred supplier agreements, the challenge of finding agents with GDS format knowledge, and meet the needs of more informed and demanding travellers.

Other capabilities include shopping by total price including applicable ancillary fees, web and mobile traveller self-services to enable travellers to purchase and manage ancillary services, upgrade registration and check-in and an automated service allowing agencies to provide information to clients at specific times and locations.

The product has been tested with 250 customers over the past six months. It will be rolled out globally in the next few months with more capabilities being added throughout the year and into 2011.

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