Hayes and Jarvis online ad slammed by tourism bosses

An online ad campaign by Hayes and Jarvis has been criticised by Norfolk tourism chiefs for using a dirty campsite in Cromer to promote Caribbean holidays.

The operator used the litter-strewn campsite and a rusty tractor to compare Cromer to Caribbean resorts. One ad had the heading “Camping in Cromer or half price Caribbean?”.

Hilary Nelson, tourism spokeswoman at the North Norfolk District Council, told the BBC the advert was “absolutely outrageous”. She said: “I very much hope they apologise and remove it.”

In a statement, Hayes and Jarvis said the ad was “one of a series of light-hearted adverts that compared leading UK resorts to destinations overseas and was not intended to be taken seriously”.

“We are very sorry if the latest Hayes and Jarvis campaign featuring Cromer has caused offence but we hope local residents will take it in the spirit it is intended.”

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