Marketers ‘failing to measure impact of social media’

Marketers are failing to measure the impact of social media because of a lack of tracking tools as well as a general dissatisfaction with the web analytics technology they are using.

The research, which comes from web optimisation specialist Omniture, shows that while 64% of markets are using social media within their marketing strategies, only 20% are happy with their ability to measure it.

In addition, 37% have no tracking tool in place to measure any return from social media.

The survey also looks at the use of mobile within marketing with 79% not currently including the channel within their strategies. Of the 21% that are, 80% can measure the impact when website visitors come from a mobile device but only 32% can measure conversions via mobile applications.

When it comes to online video, 40% are using the channel within marketing strategies but only 17% are satisfied with their ability to measure a return on investment. More than half of 40% believe post-video conversion is one of the most important metrics but 73% said they were unable to measure this.

The EMEA 2010 Omniture Online Analytics Benchmark Survey also shows that while 81% believe it is important to measure the return from online marketing activity, less than a third feel they can currently do this effectively.

Almost 90% also felt measuring conversion rates for online marketing activity are important but only 65% said they could effectively measure them.

The survey is ongoing and can be completed via this link


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