Google moves further ahead in the US

Google moves further ahead in the US

Yahoo! and MSN in the US have lost around a 2% share of the search engine market in the last year against arch rival Google.

Figures from traffic measurement service Comscore revealed in the last 12 months Google has increased its share of the overall US search engine market by 6.6% to 44% in May 2006.

Yahoo! (27.9%) and MSN-Microsoft (12.9%) slipped down 2.2% and 2.3% respectively during the same period.

Other players in the US market, such as Time Warner sites, have also faired baldy against Google, with a similar drop in share as Yahoo! and MSN.

The only sites to mount any serious resistance to Google in the US include the Ask network, which saw its share drop by less than a 1%, and the search functionality on community network MySpace, securing a 0.7% share of the overall market.

The continued strength of the Yahoo!, MSN and other search brands in the US – still securing over half the market –is in contrast to the UK, where recent figures from Hitwise revealed a massive 77% share of the market going to Google.

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