launches bookable app

A new app has been launched allowing users to make real time, collaborative bookings for hostel accommodation for the first time.

The Hostel WithMe app has been launched by, allowing live availability bookings to be made in more than 24,000 hostels in 180 countries around the world.

The app also features live pricing, secure credit card links for bookings while the addition of Google Maps and Google Streetview means users can check out both the location and the local area.

It also allows several people using the app at the same time to view accommodation chosen by one of the group. The app is available through Google Wave.

Santina Doherty,’s vice president of commercial development, said: “As market leaders in the budget accommodation space has always been committed to innovation and the use of best of breed technology, which is why we’re excited to be partnering with pioneering products like the Hostel WithMe app.

“By allowing our product to be available through the app on Google wave a whole new audience can now enjoy the value and choice that is featured on“.


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