MSN campaign boosts traffic and conversions for lastminute

A combination of brand advertising and behavioural targeting boosted searches, page views and conversions for’s Good Stuff campaign.

The company worked with its agency MGOMD and Microsoft Advertising over October and November last year to achieve a 2.27 million increase in pageviews, 30,000 additional searches for items and 6,300 conversions.

The campaign revealed behaviourally targeted users were 18% more likely to visit and 25% more likely to make a purchase than brand exposed users. worked with MSN to spread the campaign across as many products as possible including the MSN life & style, entertainment and travel channels as well as the media network.

Consumers who clicked from advertisements through to the site but did not convert were re-messaged using a number of areas on MSN, including Hotmail and the various channels.

Those re-messaged were 31% more likely to visit lastminute and 25% more likely to make a purchase than those who had only been exposed to brand advertising.

The number of items purchased also increased during the campaign and its aftermath from 1.4 to 1.7. Consumers exposed to the campaign also spent longer on

“Re-messaging is another step to drive that call to action and it is the most popular product travel clients are buying with us across the network,” said Caroline Mastoras, Microsoft Advertising, industry manager, travel.

The tracking was carried out using Comscore’s consumer panel of online users and those exposed to the campaign were matched with a similar group who had not been exposed.

Simultaneously consumers exposed to brand advertising were surveyed on how they felt about lastminute and its competitors.

Mastoras said the campaign findings would now be used to build on future promotions.

“We know what works so there will be no wastage.”

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