Content boost for NileGuide as it acquires Localyte

NileGuide has significantly boosted its content with the acquisition of local content specialist Localyte.

The acquisition, which includes the site and the Pocket Sherpa iPhone application, gives NileGuide access to a 50,000-strong community of people worldwide making recommendations for travellers as well as answering questions.

The deal is a good fit for NileGuide, which already has more than 50 experts in larger, well-known destinations.

NileGuide chief executive Josh Steinitz said it plans to invest in marketing to recruit more people for the Localyte community to more than 100,000. The company also plans to increase its local experts to more than 200 by the end of the year.  

“This is the perfect complement to what we do – the best of third party content, local experts plus global, scalable travel content contributors.” he said.

Both sites will run alongside each other for the foreseeable future and NileGuide will incorporate some of the localyte functionality and content onto its site.

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