GTMC: High speed rail not coming fast

All the UK political parties curently involved in coalition talks are committed to building a high-speed rail network, but that may not translate into speedy development. sales and distribution director Adrian Watts told the Guild of Travel Management Companies (GTMC) conference in Hong Kong that a high-speed network would be critical to cutting domestic air traffic.

Every minute saved on a three-hour train journey is likely to boost traffic by 1%.

Research suggests current traffic on a journey that takes three hours by train divides roughly 50:50 between air and rail.
But Watts said: “Investment in high-speed rail will cost $17 billion and that is a lot of money.

“All the parties are making positive noises, yet the earliest commitment to build part of the high-speed rail network is 2015 and that is at least one general election away. There is plenty of time for them to back out.”

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