NH Hotels uses Translations.com for local language sites

NH Hotels is using Translations.com to create local versions of its online reservation site, nh-hotels.com, in six languages.

NH Hotels is using GlobalLink Product Suite, an enterprise-level application designed to allow corporate customers to automate many of the manual tasks associated with the translation of global content.

Niklas Schlappkohl, localization manager at NH Hotels, said: “Through our collaboration with Translations.com, we have been able to dramatically improve the entire globalization process for our properties located around the world.

“Translations.com has provided us with continuous excellent service and a high level of linguistic quality. The implementation of their GlobalLink software has permitted us to effectively and efficiently automate the workflow and eliminate the lengthy manual tasks surrounding our daily translation requirements.”

Translations.com Co-chief executive Phil Shawe added: “By enhancing the globalized content of their website in several languages, NH Hoteles has improved the overall user experience for their customers choosing to book online. We appreciate the trust NH has placed in us and look forward to helping them manage their web global presence for years to come.”


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