TTI: Co-op boss says tech companies are ‘unrealistic’

Travel technology suppliers need to be more realistic about what travel agencies can afford to pay, according to The Co-operative Travel Group managing director Mike Greenacre.

The travel agency boss said, in his previous experience, technology companies “overpromise, overprice and underdeliver” and “to some extent, that is still true today”.

Speaking at a panel discussion at the Travel Technology Initiative spring conference, he said there was a gap between what suppliers want to deliver and what most agencies can afford. “Most agencies work on thin margins and can’t afford to keep investing in technology every 12 months,” he said.

“Agents want good service, a sustainable system and for it to be delivered on time. There should be more communication between the two sides to make (the technology) more relevant.”

Responding to Greenacre, Dolphin Dynamics chief executive Roberto Da Re said there was work to be done on both sides.

He said:  “Travel technology doesn’t have a good reputation and some of us have worked hard to change that. Travel companies have got to take the time to make the right decision. They need to do more research to make sure they don’t end up with the wrong system.

“The market price of employees in our sector is very high. Some clients come to us with very small budgets – there needs to be balance on both (sides).”


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