TTI: Teletext Holidays to release iPad app for UK launch

Teletext Holidays has designed an iPad application ready for the anticipated UK launch of the device in May.

Speaking at the Travel Technology Initiative spring conference yesterday, Teletext Holidays managing director Victoria Sanders admitted the application, which will have video content, would not generate revenue immediately.

“It’s not going to make a huge amount of money, but it’s really important for us to be in that space in time for the launch,” she said.

The company is getting ready to launch its third iphone app in six weeks’ time. The first app, which was introduced at the beginning of the year, is now generating about 150 calls a week.

Sanders also revealed plans to have a Microsoft Surface in the new Teletext Holidays retail stores.

“Families will be able to come in and search for their holidays on the Surface very soon,” she said.

Kayak is also to release an iPad for the UK launch.

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