Expedia affiliate business transactions up 60%

Expedia Inc has announced an extension to its pan-European contract with Trade Doubler after seeing a 60% increase in affiliate business transactions during the first two years of their tie-up.

The two-year extension covers 12 Expedia points-of-sale in Europe as well as 16 local sites for hotels.com. The pair have worked together since 2008.

Expedia will gain access to Trade Doubler’s affiliate marketing services through its TD Affiliate tool while also being able to monitor other partner activity using TD Integral.

Alex Gisbert, EMEA Online Partner Marketing Director at Expedia, said in a statement: “By renewing our agreement for two more years, we will be able to leverage TradeDoubler’s local expertise in our European markets to double the size of our network affiliate business across the region.”

TradeDoubler’s publishing network covers more than three-quarters of the total European online population.  It is listed on the Swedish stock exchange.

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