creates ‘real time’ travel guides

Travel guide specialist believes it has erased the issue of guides becoming out of date.

The site has a group of ‘location experts’ in destinations such as Paris and Rome who will write daily travel guides. They will be available for free and will include tips on hotels, shopping, bars and nightlife as well as moneysaving tips.

The guides will link to travel partners so users can compare prices, check availability and book their own travel.

Commerical director Chris Nixon said: “We believe the very nature of the internet and social media should allow holidaymakers access to up-to-date and relevant travel information. “There is nothing more disheartening than reading travel tips and then realising it was written two years ago.

Our concept offers the answer to this problem and combines the authoritative aspect of the guidebook model, makes it ‘real time’, and fuses it with user-generated content.

 “Phase one of was all about travel inspiration, encouraging writers, both amateurs and professionals to share their favourite places with the community.

“Phase two is focused on travel information, with our experts being able to combine the best of both worlds, providing short lists of recommendations as well as feedback from the community to ensure that their information is bang up to date and takes into consideration the views of regular guests and visitors to the destinations.”

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