Airlines suffer in online reputation index

Airlines have been the butt of more criticism as consumers hit out at the sector over strikes, delays and cancellations, according to the Kaizo Advocacy Index.

Virgin Atlantic emerged top of the sector again with a score of 12% in the winter 2010 study, although this represented a drop of 21 percentage points. The airline lost ground over pre-flight customer service, according to the study.

The Kaizo Advocacy Index, which measures online reputation, was carried out prior to the British Airways’ strikes with the airline scoring -21% while easyJet scored -36% and Ryanair -50%.

Ryanair’s rating was a 12 percentage point improvement on the study six months ago.

In the budget airline sector, customers continue to be frustrated by charging policies, which they described as ‘childish’, and dire customer service.

British Airways has not gained any ground since the last study in the summer, maintaining its score of -21% with consumers hitting out at the airline over lost luggage as well as reaction to the planned strike action.

BMI, meanwhile, lost 19 percentage points with an increase in negative feedback expressed by consumers online.

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