Gatwick Airport appoints TagMan

Gatwick Airport is working with tag management system TagMan to manage and track its online campaigns for the main website

TagMan has been appointed as Gatwick Airport’s global ‘container tag’, a single page tag that holds all the tags used to track online campaigns, including display, paid and natural search, affiliates and email.

Nick Tsimbidaros, Gatwick Airport’s e-commerce manager, said: “A great deal of time is spent implementing and managing campaigns, which is extremely onerous as well as costly.  TagMan will enable us to add, edit and remove tracking tags more efficiently, which will save us time and keep costs to a minimum.”

The system will also allow Gatwick Airport to see the entire path to conversion that any user takes to booking any of the many offers available from its site.

This will enable the marketing department to pinpoint exactly how it apportions future spend and ‘deduplicate’ between channels that claim commission from the same sale. This will enable the company to reduce its affiliate campaign costs.

Jon Baron, general manager of TagMan, said: “Virgin Atlantic and Thomas Cook have been using the system for the last year and the results have been outstanding, with Thomas Cook reporting cuts of 25% on commission fees alone.

“Gatwick Airport provides a huge range of offers online, from flights to car parking. Its campaigns are expanding and TagMan will help them track and manage them easily and effectively.”

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