Exclusive: Teletext app generates 150 calls a week

The Teletext Holidays iphone app which highlights 10 top deals is generating up to 150 calls a week, the online retailer has revealed.

Launched at the start of the year, the app was used 80% more in February than in January. New marketing director Mark Bloxham expects the growth to continue.

He said: “It is a very important channel for us and one we will continue to develop and perfect.

“We are developing an app to go with other phone systems such as Android which will probably be ready in time for the Google phone arriving in the UK and a new app which will bring the top television deals to people’s handsets.”

Bloxham said he was particularly pleased by the high retention of app customers. He explained: “With many apps they get high pick up figures but also high drop off figures, whereas it seems most of those people who download ours are keeping it.”

Although the feedback from app users has been largely positive it has had a few less complimentary reviews.

“With 10 spots for offers it is impossible to cover, for example, the wide range of airports so some of the deals may not be available for certain areas of the country,” said Bloxham.

“But with a link to the mobile site they can search for a wider range if none of the 10 top deals suit them.”

Bloxham also revealed Teletext is talking to Apple about the opportunities available when the iPad arrives in the UK. 

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