Former Freedom Flights director launches hotel booking system

Former Freedom Flights sales and marketing director Phil Norris has launched an online booking system that helps agents to contract directly with hotels., which Norris claims is the ‘Facebook’ of the travel industry, allows agents to find new hotels to work with overseas. Many of the hotels are small independent properties that do not currently sell through tour operators or bed banks.

A total of 100 agents and 500 hotels have signed up to use the system since it launched three weeks ago, but only 180 hotels are so far live on the site.

Norris said: “We want to help agents who haven’t done any direct contracting by giving them the tools to do it.”

Properties in Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and Egypt are currently available, and Norris eventually hopes to offer worldwide product. He said: “This is an opportunity to bring hotels back into the market that were featured by Kosmar or Libra.”

Hotels will pay €50 a month, while agents will pay 1% commission on revenue on bookings made through the system.

The system, which was designed by chief executive Chris Ziogas, is also available to bed banks and small tour operators.

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