Multicom developing ‘mid-office’ call centre system

Leading travel technology provider Multicom is developing new call centre technology it claims will agents help agents manage their businesses better.

The system, called Trips, is described by Multicom as a “mid office system” which will be ready for a full roll out later this year with two launch customers.

John Howell, Multicom managing director, said the system will offer flexibility giving its customers the ability to amend and manage bookings online.

He said agents will be able to make “intuitive decisions” on things like upsell opportunities and pre-flight options.

Howell said last year Multicom saw 38% growth through its core Findandbook product and it was constantly looking to innovate.

“We constantly look to improve our products each year to the benefit of our user base. Because of our model it’s in our interests to innovate because the more bookings our customers make the more we benefit,” he added.

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