Co-operative Travel buys new email system

The Co-operative Travel has chosen the new version of the Communicator enterprise email-management system, from Communicator Corp, to manage its email marketing and communication.

The move, according to online marketing executive Mike Kindon, is to ensure quality in both these areas which he sees as key in delivering a good service.

He added: “Effective communication is a key element of customer service and naturally many of our customers prefer email as their chosen method of keeping up to date with the offers and service options we provide.

“We need to be able to maintain this level of service in the email communication we send so have invested in the technology and expertise that we feel can meet these demands.

“The new system will allow the retailer to create mass email messages such as promotions or newsletters tailored to the specific needs of individual recipients. 

Communicator Corp, with which the Co-op has worked since 2006, will also use the new version to enhance data collection strategy, refining the quality of customer data held to ensure ever more relevant and targeted campaigns.

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