Travellers ‘prefer to share holiday experiences in person’

Travellers who research destinations online still prefer to share their holiday experiences in person or on the phone, according to the latest research from PhoCusWright.

The third edition of PhoCusWright’s Consumer Technology Survey found that 38% prefer to share experiences face-to-face or by phone and 32% via e-mail.

Writing reviews is also becoming increasingly popular with 16% contributing reviews to online travel agency sites and 16% contributing to review sites such as TripAdvisor and igougo.

Just under a third said they did not share their travel experiences while 13% said social networking sites were their preferred method.

Despite the leaning towards face-to-face and phone, 79% of online travellers have read a review, 63% have read a blog and 60% have joined or participate in a social networking site.

The study also shows travellers find website features such as maps plotting location and pricing very influential when it comes to purchasing followed by virtual tours, traveller blogs and professional images.

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