Mobile internet users not accessing travel sites

The majority of travellers are not using mobile devices to visit travel related mobile sites according to the latest PhoCuswright Consumer Technology Survey.

The study shows texting is still the most popular service for mobile phone users with 57% reporting they have sent or received texts on a device in 2009 while only 31% say they have used their mobile to access the internet.

Despite this the volume of consumers making a travel purchase or reservation increased to nine per cent in 2009, up from six per cent in 2008.

Of the nine per cent making a travel reservation, 87% used it for a flight while 73% used it for a car reservation.

When it came to online travellers, maps and flight alerts were the most desired mobile activity according to the report with 29% of travellers interested in using their mobile as a boarding pass.

After text messaging, taking photographs was the second most popular activity for consumers on mobile devices.

The survey also found that it is the younger age groups, the under 35s, that have engaged with mobile technology but that this group travels more frequently than the older demographic and has a higher annual trip spend.

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