One in five want to pay for travel on mobile

One in five consumers would like to use their mobile to make travel payments, according to a survey of nearly 2,000 consumers around the world.

The survey by mobile media company BuzzCity revealed that 90% of mobile users had used their phone to purchase products or services.

Most of this was related to the mobile phone, such as top-up credit or subscriptions. However, a total of 23% of respondents had bought from online stores, paid a bill, bought prepaid utilities and make bookings for hotels, events or travel through their mobile.

There should be more partnerships between banks, carriers and travel operators to increase the number of products available to book using mobile phone, the company said.

BuzzCity chief executive KF Lai said: “There are clear opportunities for mobile transactions to grow as users indicate that they want to be able to use their mobiles to buy more goods, such as books, music and travel services.”

 >From Travolution March 2010:Is this the year for mobile?

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