Brazilian tourist board launches “Google Maps YouTube mashup”

Embratur, the state-run tourist board for Brazil, has launched an online marketing campaign which features the first integration of Google Map functionality with YouTube videos.

Alex Dias, general manager of Google Brazil, said: “Embratur approached us about creating something new and unique last year for the online tourism space and we created this platform to meet their needs.  

“We’re excited to launch the world’s first mashup of Google Maps and YouTube videos. “ was launched at a press conference in Sao Paulo this week.

Local reports say that the campaign has gone live with official videos from 88 destinations within the country, although it expects another 200 to be added.

Videos are narrated in English or Portuguese with subtitles available in nearly 70 different languages.

In the long term, individuals will be able to upload their own videos to sit alongside the officially produced ones. Embratur currently spends around 30% of its marketing budget on digital channels, reports said.

Brazil is preparing for a significant increase in its inbound tourism industry on the back of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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