Staycations are just a fad says Gap Adventures

The trend towards holidaying at home is no more than a craze, according to predictions from Gap Adventures.

The Canadian-based online company has produced holiday trends for the next few years and says travellers are bored of staying at home and have realised that the UK isn’t necessarily cheaper.

Destinations such as Columbia, Burkina-Faso and Bhutan are also likely to be the next ‘edgy’ destinations as consumers seek new locations that were viewed as risky in the past.

Antartica and Spitsbergen are also tipped to rise in popularity as consumers seek extremes from what they are used to.

People will also seek cover more ground in a shorter space of time with itineraries taking in two or three countries.

Gap Adventures has unveiled its predictions as part of its 20 anniversary celebrations. The company is also offering agents the chance to enter its Create Your Own Adventure competition

By logging onto the site agents can create their ideal itinerary and select up to three countries as well as tours and activities. They will also be asked to describe why their tour is unique.

The winner is to be selected via online public polling as well as input from a panel of experts including Lonely Planet co-founder Tony Wheeler, Zappos chief executive Tony Hsieh and Gap Adventures founder Bruce Poon Tip.

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