Gliider developing ‘pre-pack’ for destinations

Gliider is working towards distribution deals with several tourism organisations and is also seeking a tie-up with an online travel agency.

The service acts as a repository for consumers to store travel information trawled from the web and then serves them deals from sources including Travelzoo and based on the information stored.

“Our lead initiative right now is working with destination marketing organisations to enable them to offer a pre-packaged Gliider to give travellers a running start in their research.

“For a DMO it is a unique way to get their content out there – we design it, package it up and put a download button on the website,” said chief executive Jordan Stolper.

He also said it was an ‘ambition’ to do a deal with an OTA which could help drive traffic back to the agency’s site.

“It would extend the OTA’s brand off their domain and onto someone’s browser. Instead of fighting to keep consumers on the site or hoping they will come back, it would give them a tool to help consumers and serve them deals and content to drive them back to the OTA.”

Stolper added that in the future he could see Gliider as the ‘voice of demand’ for deals.

“We have an amazing repository of user information so that is an incredibly powerful way of trying to triangulate consumer intentions and match with deals,” he said.

The company was talking to a major US travel agency network to enable consultants to use the service to build trips for their customers.

Gliider unveiled its public beta in October and is also about to release Internet Explorer version and iPhone application.

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