Olympic Holidays claims 25% uplift due to LeadCall deal

Olympic Holidays has improved conversions on its website by more than 25% following a tie-up with LeadCall.

The LeadCall technology tracks visitors and triggers a call to the operator if a customer has abandoned a transaction at a certain stage.

The technology relays customer information such as name, destination and date details to the operator via an automated phone message and a travel consultant can then contact the customer, using the LeadCall service, via text, phone or e-mail to see if they can help with the booking.

LeadCall sales director Steve Lawton said: “It is contacting them at a point where they were about to do something and were stopped for whatever reason.

“One big thing we have noticed in travel is call-centres are not set up for outbound calls but if you can catch someone, you can convert them because it is so timely.”

He said that a telephone call was the best converter because customers receive the call within seconds of abandoning a purchase.

“Customers think it is great customer service to get a call from a helpful, professional agent,” Lawton added.

Travel companies can control the number of leads directed to them at any time and LeadCall only gets paid if it connects them to a customer.

LeadCall is also working with a UK-based low-cost airline.

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