Twitter language analysis points to worldwide growth

Half of the messages posted to Twitter during a 48-hour period this February were in English, down from two thirds in the first half of 2009.

French analysis firm Semiocast said: “English’s share should drop even further as the strongest growth for Twitter is expected to come from non-English speaking countries.”

Semiocast analysed Twitter traffic between February 8 and 10. While half of all tweets were in English, the next most common language was Japanese, accounting for 14% of content.

Portuguese is the third most common language, accounting for 9% of Tweets and reflecting the growing use of social networking in Brazil.

Spanish accounted for 4% of the total, driven by use of the microblogging site by the Hispanic community in the US.

The two southern European langagues are split by Malay-related languages, which accounted for 6% of the total. Semiocast suggested that Twitter’s partnership with leading mobile carriers in Malaysia and Indonesia accounted for the strong showing.

“Other languages” accounted for 17% of the total. Within this band, German accounted for less than 2% with French less than 1%.


Top languages on Twitter

 >English: 50%
 >Japanese: 14%
 >Portuguese: 9%
 >Malay: 6%
 >Spanish: 4%

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