adds blogs by call centre agents has set up individual blogs for all 40 of its call centre agents in an effort to offer a more personalised service to customers.

Each agent writes a daily blog post, giving their observations or opinions about cruises, destinations and travel industry trends.

Some also have a feature called ‘rate my service’ where clients can leave feedback.

One of the most popular agents, Hannah Wilson, is attracting 600 readers to her site each week.

Managing director Seamus Conlon said: “I wanted to put a face to a name. Rather than just having a site where you ring a number, this allows customers to see the agents and read their opinions.

“When you sit down in a high street agency, you have no way of telling if an agent is knowledgeable. This way, customers can do some research before they call us.”

The blogs are just the first stage in personalising the site, added Conlon.

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