‘Technology firms set pace of change’

Traveltek has claimed it is technology companies that are setting the pace during what is another rapid increase in the rate of change for the industry.

The company said its new online bookable cruise product, which will be unveiled in the next few weeks, indicated another major step forward in the availability of hugely flexible booking systems for agents.

The online cruise product will allow agents to dynamically package flights and hotels with cruise trips.

The system will be unveiled in the next few weeks and follows Traveltek’s original cruise product, which did not allow bookings but is currently being used by eight out of 10 cruise agents in the UK.

Traveltek managing director Kenny Picken said: “The major tour operators and the largest online players cannot yet offer this type of technology or initiative and have some catching up to do.

“The introduction of cruise product within dynamic packaging, alongside GDS, consol, charter and no-frills airline fares, plus ancillaries, effectively completes the jigsaw in this world of travel that has completely reinvented itself and continues to expand at an incredible pace.”

The company was one of the first to push products such as online dynamic packaging and holiday search features for agent websites.

Traveltek is set to open an office in Miami later this year.

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