Travelport achieves compliance with US/EU privacy rules

The Travelport GDS has announced it has achieved compliance with the Safe Harbor protocol designed to harmonise data privacy regulations between Europe and the US.

Travelport claimed it was the first GDS to achieve compliance with Safe Harbor, which was developed by a partnership of the European Commission, the Swiss government, and the US Department of Commerce.

The protocol is intended to prevent the accidental dissemination or loss of personal information from passenger records and profiles for firms transferring data from Europe to the US.

Tad Ostrowski, general counsel for Travelport’s GDS division, who led the lengthy companywide certification process, said all partners using its technology would be supported as they work towards compliance.

“Although it was optional to apply for this certification and no other GDS provider has made this commitment before, we felt it was critical to demonstrate to customers using our GDS technology the seriousness with which we approach privacy and personal data issues,” said Ostrowski.

“We viewed this certification as an essential step in formally illustrating that dedication.

“How organisations protect personal data is of increasing global concern for Travelport and its customers, and we’re certain this key achievement will be appreciated by our customers and give them added confidence of our commitment in this area.”

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