TTE: Business leaders ‘cautiously optimistic’

Travel business leaders are cautiously optimistic about current trading despite ongoing uncertainty in the economy.

Travel Counsellors managing director Steve Byrne said national debt and the forthcoming election were contributing to uncertainty but that he was upbeat about the business he has seen so far.

Travel Technology EuropeHe added that trading was back up to pre 2008 levels for the company and said he believed there was pent-up demand for travel.

“People who are in work don’t treat their holiday as discretionary spend. There are doom-mongers around and 18 months ago there were those that thought it was the end of travel. Recession has proved that is not the case.”

Traveltainment managing director Andrew Nicholson said the market was more buoyant than it was given credit for. He added, however, that there would be more failures in the next two quarters.

Speakers were also quizzed on the mobile and other innovations such as Apple’s iPad and whether the industry is ready for them.

“There is so much in the short term for companies to do that is much more basic and will drive conversion compared to something that is not necessarily going to drive bookings,” said Travel Intelligence chief executive Alan Josephs.

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