Icelandair partners with ExactTarget for email campaign

Icelandair is working with email marketing specialist ExactTarget to personalise customer emails and create automated campaigns.

The airline plans to use Google Analytics to further personalise its campaigns by tracking customer browsing history.

Icelandair said it had already seen some success in terms of increased website traffic through emailed newsletters.

Over a nine week period newsletters emailed to customers drove 200,000 visits to the website. Each visit generated 5.7 page views – a nine percent increase on the site’s average.

According to Icelandair’s web marketing and project manager Katrin Gunnarsdottir the email campaign resulted in increased revenue for the airline as well as increased conversion from the airline’s netclub loyalty scheme from 0.34% to 0.97%.

The data from Google will help the airline personalise emails based on customers’ browsing history.

The carrier also has plans to integrate its social media strategy into its emails using ExactTarget’s Social Forward technology to allow customers to share email content with up to 50 social network sites including Twitter and Facebook.

ExactTarget co-founder Peter McCormick said: “Social Forward allows customers to take specific content from email and determine what and how to forward through their social networks.

“Good marketers are designing their copy to be forwarded. The word of fellow shoppers is stronger than any message a marketer may invent.”

The technology also enables Icelandair to see which subscribers are recommending the brand through the forwarded content.

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