Crashpadder survey boost for online

Travel retail online is set for a record year, according to the results of a consumer poll conducted by accommodation network

The survey found 15.1% of people are more likely to book a holiday on the internet in 2010 compared to 2009.

The independent research, which surveyed 1,208 people in the UK, found price remains one of the key factors for people when booking online.

Overall, there was a decline in the percentage of people who said they would be going on holiday, 95.1%, down from 96%, and 8.8% said they would be more like to holiday in the UK.

The survey also found people intend to use the internet more to research their holiday before booking, 72.2% compared to the 63.9% who said they used the web this year.

Stephen Rapoport, who founded in 2008, said: “The internet is a powerful too when it comes to big buying decisions like holidays. It has a level of transparency which traditional travel agents simply can’t offer.

“Already we’re seeing strong growth for bookings in 2010. Most of our customers are leisure travellers booking staycations in the UK, but we’re seeing growth in international bookings also.”

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